Son makes fortune posing with father without clothes on OnlyFans, but only pays him $ 100

Jake herbert A 26-year-old model from the United Kingdom has become popular on the Onlyfans platform due to the fact that he poses together with his father in the different content he delivers. However, he points out that he only gives a tiny part of the earnings to his parent.

The young man, who previously worked as a stripper in Ibiza, Spain, set up a senior-rated account in an attempt to raise additional money, but soon made more than $ 7,000 each month from just a few photos of him.

The boy told the BBC: “I was like, ‘Okay, how much?’ And in fact they began to put in some not bad figures “.

However, the monthly figure grew exceptionally when Herbert got his family member involved.

At first, the nude photo posted with her dad was after they visited the gym.

“I knew that to get to the next level I would have to do something that would really get everyone talking,” added Jake.

The father did not agree to participate, but was finally convinced and now the duo earn more than $ 40,000 a month.

However, Jake Herbert points out that he does not divide the cash equally and instead gives his father around $ 100 a month.

Meanwhile, the patriarch, whose name and age has not been disclosed, still maintains his main job as a plumber, but some of his co-workers have expressed curiosity about his new job.