South Korea to build a floating city capable of withstanding hurricanes and tsunamis

Climate change and rising seas are threatening the world’s coastal cities. For this reason, the Government of South Korea has approved on November 19, 2021 the construction of the first floating city in Busan: Oceanix City. The architectural work will house 10,000 people and will be designed with the aim of resisting the most aggressive hurricanes, floods and tsunamis.

The project is carried out by the Oceanix company with the support of the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat). The port city of Busan has been listed as an area in danger of disappearing due to rising sea levels.

“It just so happened that Busan is the best place to deploy this prototype,” Itai Madamombe, the co-founder of Oceanix, told Business Insider. He also stated that he hopes that the model of this utopian city can be replicated in others threatened by natural phenomena.

According to the Oceanix website, the city will consist of the agglomeration of several floating platforms that, on their own and together, will have hexagonal shapes. In architecture, these geometric shapes, very common in honeycombs, are considered very efficient due to their stability and greater conservation of space and the material used.

Likewise, these platforms would be covered by a layer of limestone and would remain on the surface as the sea rises.

The project indicates that the city will have a sustainable organization. While the energy will come from solar panels, the inhabitants will be able to produce by harvesting their own food and will have drinking water.

In case there is no delay during construction, Oceanix reported that the floating city will be ready by 2025 and will cost about 200 million US dollars.