Sower who went out to sow

For those who share these stories with you, the parable of the sower, which appears in three of the gospels about Jesus in the Bible, is a constant source of revelations. And so, as simple as it seems, it unfolds in complexity and wisdom with each reading.

The last time I read it, it coincided with a work meeting with an extraordinary Dominican. We were talking about the social work that she carries out through a foundation and the talk turned, at my insistence, to her achievements as a mountaineer and elite athlete. Although I knew a large part of those successes, some well documented, I did not know that his love for the mountains and respect for nature was instilled in him when he was young by a teacher at his school, who became a teacher and mentor for his entire life. .

I kept thinking about the impact of that “sowing” in the heart of this man who has reaped in great heights of the planet, putting our flag at the highest.

In this case, and bridging the gap with Jesus, or perhaps imitating him, this professor went out to sow. On his way he met hundreds of students and planted the same seed of love for the mountains in them. I imagine that some did not listen to him; others stayed in class for education. Some more said that the disco was more fun than walking through the bush and they left. But it was only enough that one possessed the good soil in his heart for that seed to take hold and bear fruit in abundance. Great men and women have come out of that harvest, I know for sure.

Maybe you don’t know that every day you go out to sow with your example, with your words, with your work. Those seeds find a place in the hearts of your children, brothers, co-workers, society. And somehow they impact and transform the land where they fall.

Try to sow the good seed. Even if the result does not depend entirely on you, go out to sow and water the seed.

always be a sower of life, of faith, of solidarity. Sow seeds of excellence and responsibility in your children, no matter what they do. There are sowings that must be done in childhood, but do not neglect while they grow up. In these times there are no guarantees.

Be a sower of Dreams. Life is paid with what we long for and makes us move forward. Don’t dismiss your children’s desires because they seem crazy to you. Encourage them, they may not achieve their dreams, but they will always remember that they were not alone in the fight.

Be a sower of hopes. Every day there is something to improve. Improve yourself first. Denounce, make responsible citizenship. And without falling into the extremes that separate, be part of the change. The world will not change by saying nice words, it does with Good actions that are repeated many times. Make a stop along the way to remember and thank who sowed that seed in your heart. Who did you see doing good deeds that motivate you today to continue a legacy or start your own?

Be a sower of good works. In nature, whoever sows a mango seed reaps a plant that bears thousands of fruits for many years. When you sow good things, you will receive in greater proportion what you have given to the earth. It is an endless and beautiful virtuous circle. Of course, good sowers know that sometimes the harvest does not have a material price, but it has an immense value.

If you have nothing to do on this Saturday of errands, take a side with yourself and think about what you are planting and the good land that you have in front of you. Start today!