SpaceX: four astronauts return after 200-day mission to the International Space Station

In a Dragon capsule of Spacex -American company founded by the well-known Elon Musk- four astronauts from the space mission arrived on Earth this Monday Crew-2 that they were approximately six months (200 days) on the International Space Station (ISS) carrying out scientific tasks, whose journey began last spring and which two months ago brought back its first space tourists.

The capsule passed through the atmosphere and splashed into the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Pensacola, Florida at 10.33 pm local time (03.33 GMT), as planned. Immediately, the recovery units mobilized for their collection. After that, the Radial Control of the SpaceX mission he issued a warm “On behalf of SpaceX, welcome home to planet Earth.”

With his return home, after an eight-hour journey after leaving the space station, the countdown begins for the company. SpaceX, which will launch four replacement astronauts. In this regard, the US agency plans for this Wednesday night the launch of the Crew-3 mission from the Kennedy Space Center (Florida).

Originally the replacements were going to start first, but the POT he changed the order due to bad weather that delayed the return of the crew and a health problem for an astronaut, the nature of which has not yet been revealed. Now the task of welcoming them will fall to the American and the two Russians who are still on the space station.

The POT He decided to modify part of his programming due to weather conditions, in addition to the health problem of an astronaut from the mission about to depart. For this reason, the replacements were originally going to start first; however, the order was modified, and the crew of Crew-2 ended up arriving on the planet without minor setbacks.

The crew of Crew-2: Shane kimbrough and Megan McArthur the Japanese Akihiko Hoshide and french Thomas Pesquet They were due to return on Monday morning, but due to the intense winds in the recovery area, they were forced to postpone the separation process of the return capsule, called Endeavor, for just over 24 hours.

Bittersweet feeling leaving the Space Station. A magical place in the sky that grants superpowers like floating and seeing Europe-Africa at a glance. Thank you to the people who built it, for the benefit of all. It gives me hope that humans can achieve anything, with good intentions, when we want to. ”French astronaut Pesquet tweeted. In the publication you can see images of the Space Station from which the planet and the facilities are observed.

This is because before returning, the four astronauts walked around the space station, taking pictures of the station and the spectacular space view. From the operations center, Mark Vande Hei An astronaut who is still on the premises, said goodbye to each of his departing companions and said to McArthur: “I will miss hearing your laughter in the adjacent modules.”

Despite the calm of the landing, his stay at the station was full of unforeseen events. The first problem arose after Mission Control noticed the probable collision of a piece of space debris with the capsule; however, the incident was a false alarm. A similar event occurred months later, in July, when thrusters in a newly arrived Russian laboratory inadvertently ignited.

As a result of the mission, we can point out: four spacewalks to improve the station’s solar energy, a filming visit by a Russian film crew and the first space harvest of chile peppers. In addition, the members of the international Crew-2 mission returned to the planet with more than 530 pounds of scientific material.

Crew-2 is the second of six manned missions to and from the ISS that the signing of Elon musk performed under a contract with the POT for shipping astronauts from the US, which had not been done since the end of the shuttle program in 2011. In this regard, Kathy lueders NASA’s chief of space operations, said that in general “the return seemed flawless.”

The new mission will take the orbital laboratory aboard a new capsule Dragon four astronauts: the commander Raja Chari the pilot Tom Marshburn the mission specialist Kayla barron NASA, and the German scientist Matthias maurer of the THIS. The next crew will also go through a six-month period welcoming back-to-back tour groups. A Japanese tycoon and his personal assistant will be the next to receive a ticket from the Russian Space Agency in December, in addition to three businessmen who will arrive through SpaceX in February.

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