Spain crushed Costa Rica 7-0: how did MisterChip, Ibai and other well-known streamers react?

Although many expected the Spanish selection beat Costa Rica in his first game in Qatar 2022 no one would have predicted that it would do so in such an overwhelming way.

Spain had no mercy on the Costa Ricans and scored seven goals against them. This amount of notes was so scandalous that various Spanish personalities spoke about the fact.

Influencers, streamers and journalists like MrChip Ibai Y djmario They had curious reactions while watching the game.

The data expert had a lot of work on this day of Qatar 2022. Due to the multiple records that have been broken by the Spain vs. Costa Rica the sports commentator launched several tweets about the match.

The popular streamer Ibai He was very happy with the initial result. “I don’t want to come up top, but we will be champions in 2022, 2026 and 2030,” he said.

With the score 7-0, his reaction was very different, and he made all his fans laugh.

The Spanish influencer had very interesting comments about the Spain vs. Costa Rica. “I don’t like to exaggerate, but this Spain 2022 is at the level of Pelé’s Brazil,” he said.

ending the match, djmario He was very excited about the result that the Spanish selection. “History. I was here,” she exclaimed.