Spain: Man set fire to his house “because he was cold” and did not know how to warm himself

A man in Spain caused a fire in his own house after setting fire inside one of his rooms because he “was cold”. The subject told the authorities that he was looking for a way to warm up, so he decided to burn one of his cushions.

Although at first he thought his idea was a good one, because he was getting the heat he needed, everything got out of control after the flames from the cushion spread and began to consume everything in their path.

The fire emergency team reached the house located on Río Sella street, in the La Tenderina neighborhood, Spain. Once in the place they managed to put out the fire, however, the things inside the house had already been consumed by the fire.

Fires during winter in Spain

Although the identity of the man who caused the incident is not known, the Spanish authorities revealed that the subject will face charges for endangering his neighbors and burning his own house. The change of season in Spain has caused hundreds of people to look for a way to stay warm.

In this sense, the National Center for Disaster Prevention, of Mexico, has recommended that the population refrain from lighting bonfires, firewood or braziers inside homes, since this could cause a fire.