Spain women’s team: 15 players resigned after the refusal to remove the coach

scandal in the Spain women’s team. In the last few hours, it was learned that, after Euro 2022, 15 professional players of the Red sent an email to the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), through which they renounced being summoned after his request to remove technical director Jorge Vilda by President Luis Rubiales was frustrated.

Among these 15 soccer players who sent the emails are not even Alexia Putellas, Ballon d’Or nor the professionals who belong to the real Madrid. Similarly, the RFEF sent a harsh statement against these athletes and warned that they will not accept “any type of pressure from any player when adopting sports measures.”

“Throughout the day we received 15 emails from 15 players of the women’s national soccer team, coincidentally all with the same wording, in which They state that the current situation generated affects them ‘significantly’ in their ’emotional state’ and in their ‘health’ and that, ‘as long as it is not reversed’, they resign from the Spanish national team”, begins the RFEF statement .

Within the letter, the Royal Spanish Football Federation maintains that “it will not allow the players to question the continuity of the national coach and his coaching staff, since making those decisions does not fall within their powers. The Federation will not admit any type of pressure from any player when adopting sports measures. These types of maneuvers are far from exemplary and outside the values ​​of football and sport and are harmful.

“According to current Spanish legislation, not attending a national team call is classified as a very serious infraction and can carry sanctions of between two and five years of disqualification. The RFEF, contrary to the way these players act, wants to make it clear that it will not take them to this extreme or pressure them. Directly, it will not summon the soccer players who do not want to wear the Spain shirt. The Federation will only have committed soccer players even if they have to play with youth players, “warned the federation.

In addition, he reported that “the team needs players committed to the project, with the defense of our colors and proud to wear the Spanish shirt. The soccer players who have submitted their resignation will only return to the discipline of the national team in the future if they accept their mistake and ask for forgiveness.

“I hereby inform you that the latest events that have occurred in the Spanish team and the situation generated, facts of which you are aware, are significantly affecting my emotional state and, therefore, my health.

Due to all this, I currently do not see myself in a position to be a selectable player for our national team and, for this reason, I request not to be called up until this situation is reversed.

My commitment to the team in the past, present and future was, is and will be absolute. And I am the first who wants to achieve the maximum number of sporting successes for our team.

I remain at your entire disposal for whatever you consider appropriate, always with the aim of seeking the best for our national team”.