Spanish singer Mc Kegoo releases “Perfecta”

The singer Mc Kegoo presents his new single entitled “Perfecta”, a musical theme that is available on various music platforms.

The composition and musicalization process of “Perfecta” was very dynamic, as explained by the artist in a statement, as the work team contributed ideas to carry the project and carry it out as a love story describing a “Perfect” girl, inspired by a woman who meets all the qualities to be qualified as perfect, the one that when you find her you are left with a crush.

For Mc Kegoo, digital platforms are very valuable, being considered a fundamental tool in the success of artists today. “With digital platforms it is easier since in the days before it did not exist, now they give us the opportunity to make ourselves known faster and interact more with the public,” said Mc Kegoo.

Regarding how he has been able to sustain a career independently, despite receiving offers from entrepreneurs, Mc Kegoo considers that experience as quite good, since he has people around him who trust his project. “I have many people who support me and believe in me, especially my family, my mother who supports me emotionally to continue after my dream, and friends, who like what I do, and I try to do my best knowing that I am independent. . I try to make my product as professional as possible ”.

Among his plans is to make musical collaboration with artists of the stature such as Young Bene, Dudi, Cuban Bef, Robledo; Omar Montes, and especially with Myke Towers, because in different interviews he has highlighted that his style is also inspired by this Puerto Rican artist.

He is currently working on a project for which he has high expectations, a commercial reggaeton, collaboration with another artist, which between January and the end of December can be screened for his release.