Speaking Huevadas becomes trend after joke about Alianza Lima: “In the second, always there” [VIDEO]

Do they laugh or not? That was the question that was repeated the most in this trend that divided Twitter users in two for and against the show program “Hablando Huevadas”, this after a controversial joke he made Jorge Luna to the fans of Alianza Lima.

“The people of Alianza, the people of Alianza, where are they? The people of Alianza Lima? There they are, always there in second grade. That’s because they get bitten, if not, don’t fuck **, you see,” said the comedian to the surprise of his partner Richard.

Given this, thousands and thousands of Peruvian netizens took a few seconds of their time to react to the peculiar joke that the youtuber made on the blue and white and that ended up becoming a debate on social networks about whether they would be a quality program or not, here we present the two generalized positions on the trending topic of “Talking hoe”.

“Hahaha, to say that a program with views of millions of Peruvians is” for intelligent people “is an excess that is laughable. If those 2M who see them were intelligent we would not have these leaders,” was the negative reaction to him. comedy show.

While there were other users who defended them: “People if they don’t like it, don’t see it that simple. For me they are humor cracks, a phenomenon that many want to imitate but cannot. Stop throwing shit at the success of others. Because talking shit is an art! A hug Jorge and Ricardo “.