Spotify: learn how to activate the ‘karaoke mode’ in the application

Amazing. If you are a Spotify user and you have been using the application or the desktop version for a long time, you may have ever wondered why the service does not have an option to review the lyrics of the songs What are you listening to? Although a similar feature (Behind the lyrics) has appeared for some time for specific users, now it has just been made official for all platforms in general. Learn how to convert app in a karaoke both in Android What ios web, consoles, televisions and more.

The function that will matter to us in this opportunity is named letters and consists of displaying them on the screen while a song is playing. The text will change according to the moment of the topic in real time.

Not only that, but the Spotify application itself will highlight each phrase or word of the lyrics while it is sung at the exact moment, which makes this function very similar to a karaoke session.

This functionality is available for more than eight million songs on the platform and it is worth mentioning that Spotify also has a diverse catalog of songs and instrumental albums or karaoke for every taste.

The function letters Spotify is the result of a direct collaboration between the platform and Musixmatch. The latter has also been responsible for improving the application’s criticized search engine, to find songs faster.

To enable the lyrics function in the Spotify player on your smartphone, computer, console or TV, you just have to follow these steps:

It is worth mentioning that the section Playback view it bears as a name now playing (or now playing) in the desktop version. In order for it to appear, you will have to first click on the microphone icon.

Letters should not be confused with function behind the lyrics of the platform. The latter corresponds to a collaboration with the Genius association, which not only provides lyrics but also relevant information on millions of musical themes and artists.