Stampede in Yemen leaves 85 dead as victims sought to collect US$8 financial aid

A heartbreaking tragedy engulfs the impoverished nation of Yemen after a stampede in the country’s capital Fury, left at least 85 people dead. According to local media, the victims sought to collect some $8set up that a businessman would provide financial assistance for the feast of the ramadan.

In addition, more than 322 people were injured, who managed to get through the crowd of deceased, including women and children. According to witnesses to the rout, the chaos began when the doors of the school where the money was to be delivered were opened.

This fact, considered one of the worst misfortunes in Yemen, is recorded in the midst of a complicated situation due to the prolonged civil war. This directly or indirectly caused the death of thousands of people, as well as millions being on the brink of famine.

the television medium al masirha presented the heartbreaking images of the accident, which left a crowd of people squeezed between them, who tried to climb above the rest in order to get out of the crush. Other shots showed the bodies on the ground in a panic.

The site was later covered in piles of abandoned sandals, clothing, and a crutch. The Rebel Police Chief Mahdi al-Mashat He pointed out that it was ordered to create a committee to investigate the tragedy.