Starbucks teams up with Habitat for Humanity to build homes

starbucks, operated in the Dominican Republic by retail licensee Green Star Partners, has set out to be a different kind of company, one that cares for and supports the communities it serves. Today, starbucks The Dominican Republic strengthens its commitment to the Dominican communities, through a partnership with the Fundación starbucks and Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic to provide locals in Haina, Santo Domingo with decent housing through the organization’s Housing Support Services Program.

Supporting communities is an important part of how starbucks Dominican Republic achieves impact and change on a larger scale. The project began in 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and since then the association has sought to create a lasting impact in the community of Haina, Santo Domingo, helping to improve the living conditions of the locals.

“As we continue to develop our business, we remain true to the mission and values ​​of starbucksusing our scale for good and being a catalyst for positive change in the various communities we serve”, said José Luis Gómez, general manager of starbucks Dominican Republic. “I would like to thank Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic and the Fundación starbucks for supporting us in our commitment, which is based on the belief that we can balance profitability and social awareness.”


starbucks The Dominican Republic strives to strengthen its communities by listening, supporting, investing and encouraging in meaningful ways. Through access to microcredit loans with the help of Habitat for Humanity Dominican Republic and the support of the Fundación starbucks and Green Star Partners, who donated construction funds, Haina families have gradually been able to build their houses. In addition, the donation from the Foundation starbucks supported the training of more than 50 residents to gain more knowledge about emergency preparedness and health homes.

“When the pandemic hit, my husband and I lost our jobs. During this transition period, he had the idea to start a home cooking business as our local community had very little access to home cooked meals. Eventually we moved the business into a relative’s house and I began looking for a way to renovate our own house. Through a friend, I approached Habitat for Humanity. We did all the paperwork and the credit was approved immediately,” said Gladibel Reyes, one of the project’s beneficiaries.

starbucks The Dominican Republic strives to animate the communities and neighborhoods that house the company’s stores. To that end, in late fall 2021, 30 partners from starbucks Dominican Republic joined forces and volunteered to finish three houses in Haina, Santo Domingo, serving their community, one family and one house at a time.

“We are very happy with this alliance in which we join efforts to empower Dominican families with self-sufficiency and ultimately boost the economy at the local level,” said Cesarina Fabián, national director of Habitat for Humanity.

starbucks The Dominican Republic will continue to support initiatives with Habitat for Humanity, as part of its ongoing commitment to creating significant impact.