“Steel Butterflies”, a well-achieved historical musical

Steel Butterflies“, the new musical by Waddys Jáquez together with Pablo García premiered with joy, substance and topicality at the National Theater.

The show is a proposal full of courage, history and sorority. It narrates chronologically the life of Minerva, Patria and María Teresa Mirabal and their position before the regime of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo.

The curtain opened. A group of young people with great energy took over the stage of the Carlos Piantini Hall, while another from the audience represented a soldier from the police troops of the Joaquín Balaguer government. This act staged the death of the student leader Sagrario Díaz on April 14, 1972 at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo and began the musicalSteel Butterflies” after 9:00 p.m.

behind the story

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This beautiful theatrical montage that kept the audience captive in each of the 45 scenes presented managed to perfectly combine 23 actors -some with unique roles and others giving life to up to four characters-, with songs, dances, performances and a powerful message. : “May dictatorships and abuse against women never be repeated”.

The history of the butterflies begins when in Ojo de Agua, in the province of Hermanas Mirabal, Minerva, Patria and Dedé Mirabal receive authorization from their father Enrique Mirabal to go to La Vega to study as boarders at the Inmaculada Concepción school. Thus beginning with a new vision of the history of the Mirabal Sisters.

New version of the story

The piece uses urban music, rap, trap, fusions, bachata and merengue to tell the life of butterflies and highlight a group of women and men who were also important entities in the June 14 Movement and in that historical moment.

The show, which lasts almost three hours, uses as a common thread Dedé Mirabal, the only survivormasterfully performed by Adalgisa Pantaleón, to dismantle some beliefs and reveal new data that give the story a twist.

Then the work shows chronologically how Trujillo (Frank Ceara) met Minerva (Nashla Bogaert), the dictator’s permanent harassment of his family, how Minerva and María Teresa Mirabal (Coral González) fell in love with their husbands Manolo Tavárez Justo (Nico Clínico) and Leandro Guzmán (Alejandro Moss), the creation of the June 14 Movement, the persecution of the members of the social group and the death of Minerva, Patria and Maria Teresa el November 25, 1960.

an excellent cast

This proposal of musical theatre brings together great professionals who are accompanied by a great artistic cast led by Adalgisa Pantaleón, who embodied Doña Dedé Mirabal, Hony Estrella as Patria Mirabal, Judith Rodríguez, who played the role of Tomasina Cabral, Sagrario Díaz, Sor Inés and a secretary; Gnomic played a major and Jhonny Abbes, among others.

The show carries in each scene a message of courage, empowerment and fight to defend what is believed, valued and loved. Among the outstanding performances is Adalgisa Pantaleonin the skin of Doña Dedé Mirabal, (with her particular gray lock) the sister who -in life-, had the responsibility of telling this story.

In addition, the voice and emotion of Diana Ramos, who represented Dedé Mirabal in her youth, managed to touch the emotions of the public. Judith Rodriguez was a chameleon by giving life to four characters very naturally. Another of her well-achieved performances was the gnomishwho represented an imposing commander of the regime.

The voices of Diana Ramos, Coral González and Nairoby Duarte were the ones that stood out the most within the musical. On the other hand, the production achieved a good selection of costumes, an appropriate set design and a very dynamic and balanced show.

many protagonists

The musical It also highlights the leading role of other women who played an important role in the life of the Mirabal Sisters and in the movements against the regime at that time: Sagrario Díaz, Dedé Mirabal, Mercedes Reyes, Ana Antonio Rosario, Tomasina Cabral, Asela Morel, Dulce Tejada, Miriam Morales and Fe Violeta Ortega.

The beer in the cake

East musical highlights the importance of educating Minerva and other women to take action and become agents of change in a time of oppression.

With the staging for the women who were part of the June 14 Movement, it was not negotiable to live differently, because they understood that there was nothing worse than what they were experiencing and whatever they did to combat the dictatorship and fight for freedom was already gain.

Mirabal Sisters Foundation

“Steel Butterflies”, a well-achieved historical musicalhttps://resources.diariolibre.com/images/2022/08/13/a-group-of-people-on-a-stage-6fde2057.jpg


The first function held on Thursday 11 was for the benefit of the Mirabal Sisters Foundation and at the end of the presentation an emotional Waddys Jáquez thanked the public that listened to him and applauded standing up for supporting this artistic proposal that carries a powerful message that cannot be forgotten.

“Thank you for being here, it has been a long road to achieve the staging of this work. This is the story on which our country was forged, but it is also the history of Latin America. We want to take it to the world so that it will never be repeated again.” dictatorships or abuse against women” Waddys Jaquez Producer

“Steel Butterflies”, a well-achieved historical musicalhttps://resources.diariolibre.com/images/2022/08/13/un-par-de-personas-de-pie-6774b9fe.jpg


Also, he invited the Dominican people to support the presentations of this work, both in Santo Domingo and in Santiago de los Caballeros.

The functions continue on Saturday, August 13 at 8:30 at night; and Sunday at 6:30 p.m.Steel Butterflies” will also be presented at the Gran Teatro del Cibao, on Friday, September 2 and Saturday, September 3.

Tickets are available at Uepatickets.com, National Supermarkets and Jumbo. The price per person is RD$3,790 for the platea and RD$2,710 for the balcony.