Stefany Camus defends himself after ampay with Jean Deza: “Yes there was lack of respect, not infidelity”

Recently, the former soccer player, Jean Deza, shared a statement explaining what happened in the hotel with the Arequipa model, Stefany Camus, the same one who was also linked with Jhon Kelvin. For its part, Camus joined the Magaly Medina program to defend himself after the ampay that caused Deza to end with Gabriela Alava.

Given this, Stefany He acknowledged that he did know that his friend had a girlfriend, even that Deza talked to him a lot about Gabriela, but that they only went out to have a few drinks with a group of friends.

“That there is a lack of respect, yes there is, but an infidelity there is,” said the Arequipa, assuring that the ex-footballer did not disrespect his girlfriend, since there was never contact.

Likewise, Camus affirms that his only ‘sin’ was being trusting, because he had to take care of himself, since the cameras always follow him: “There was never anything else, he always told me about his girlfriend,” he added.

Jean Deza and Gabriela Alava ended their relationship

It is worth emphasizing that Jean Deza confirmed the end of his relationship with Gabriela Alava through a statement on his social network. According to the former soccer player, he accepted that this was due to his ampay with Stefany Camus.

“In that sense, I categorically deny what was stated by Miss xxxx (Stefany Camus), in relation to an alleged friendship or previous conversations,” he stressed.

In order not to look worse than it already was, he asked “the respective apologies for the misunderstandings that may have originated, as well as to the people affected, especially my ex-girlfriend Gabriela Alava and her family.”