Strawberry Supermoon 2022: when, what time and how to see it from my country?

This week, the Strawberry Supermoon 2022 will make its appearance in the sky of almost the entire Earth and will be a sight visible to the naked eye. The event will be fascinating because the visible face of the Moon, in its full moon phase, will look bigger and brighter than in other months.

We tell you all the details about this supermoon: when it will happen in your country, why it happens, why it is called that, among other curiosities.

The strawberry supermoon will happen this Tuesday, June 14. This will appear on the horizon in an easterly direction and will be seen over the constellation of Sagittarius.

The time that the Moon will enter its full moon phase will be at 11:52 am (UTC). However, it will only be seen as a supermoon at 11:21 pm (UTC), the time when the satellite will reach its closest approach to Earth.

Next, these are the times to see the strawberry supermoon from America and Spain:

The strawberry moon is the name given to every full moon that occurs in the month of June. It is known as such because ancient North Americans harvested the fruit in this month.

Each full moon receives a different name depending on the month in which it occurs. Thus, for example, in April we had the pink moon, while in July we will have the deer moon.

The next full moon will be a supermoon, since it will coincide with the moment when the natural satellite is closest to our planet. This phenomenon occurs because the Moon’s orbit has an oval shape, so there is a point closest to Earth (perigee, 360,000 km), and another further away (apogee, 405,000 km).

Scientists also know the supermoon as perigee full moon.

After the full moon on Tuesday the 14th, the next supermoon will occur next month: Wednesday, July 13, 2022. It will be a deer supermoon. As always, the star will have a slightly larger appearance for almost three days, NASA indicates.

In order not to lose you due to unforeseen weather events, as happened during the last total lunar eclipse, the event will be broadcast live on the Youtube channel of the Virtual Telescope Project.

The broadcast will start at 2:15 pm (local time in Peru). Meanwhile, the images of the moon will be developed from Rome, specifies the description of the video.

Unlike a regular full moon, a supermoon is characterized by being 7% larger and 15% brighter. Said characteristics, however, are very difficult to distinguish with the human eye and by someone inexperienced.

When the supermoon is closest to the horizon, it will appear yellow to orange. This is because the reflected sunlight travels longer through the Earth’s atmosphere and only the longer wavelengths, drawn to the red, prevail.

The location close to the horizon will also cause the illusion of the Moon, an optical effect that magnifies the true dimension of the star as we explained in a previous note.