Sudden blockade in China forces woman to confine herself to her blind date

A chinese woman She got trapped in the house of the man she had a blind date with when they confined the city of Zhengzhou, as she explained herself in a series of videos posted on social networks.

China is struggling to contain the multiple local outbreaks of the delta and omicron variants of coronavirus. In Zhengzhou (center), where the previous week more than 100 cases were registered, some parts of the city were sharply confined last wednesday.

The woman, surnamed Wang, was at the time having dinner at the home of the man she was on a blind date with.

“Right after arriving in Zhengzhou, there was an outbreak and her community was confined and I couldn’t get out,” Wang told Shanghai-based The Paper on Tuesday.

He explained that he was in town on vacation, for a week, to meet potential suitors.

“I’m getting older, my family introduced me to 10 games (…) The fifth wanted to demonstrate their culinary skills and invited me to dinner at their house,” he said.

Since then, Wang has posted videos documenting his daily life. The man is sometimes seen cooking or doing housework while she sleeps, according to clips published by local media.

Wang did not reveal his age or the identity of the man in the videos.

In China, Quick-lock policies are routinely enforced in communities when virus cases are detected.