Sully Sáenz: Who is Evan Piccolotto and what link do they have?

It did not last forever. The former reality girl Sully Sáenz yesterday surprised us all by saying that she was pregnant, but it was all just a joke for April Fools’ Day. This latest post from the former warrior made us wonder what happened to her ex-husband Evan piccolotto and what relationship does it have today.

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Who is Evan Piccolotto?

Evan piccolotto is a canadian who met Sully saenz In 2013 when he participated in Esto es Guerra and even the foreigner made him a surprise on the reality show, bringing him a bouquet of roses and encouraging him to meet the other participants, one of them Yaco Eskenazi, the model’s ex-partner.

In 2017 they decided to get married in Toronto, Canada, and the ceremony was held at San Miguel Cathedral, but the celebration was at Casa Loma Castle. It was learned that the luxurious wedding was very intimate because only family and friends of the then couple attended, one of the guests was Jamila Dahabreh, who was also one of their bridesmaids.

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Regrettably Sully and Evan They announced the end of their marriage, but they did not want to give details of the reason for their separation. “Hello guys. I’m posting this message to clear up some doubts. I have been separated from my husband Evan some time ago. It was not an easy decision for both of us, but the appreciation and affection that we have for each other will always be present and we will continue trying to be the best. parents to our son, “wrote the former EEG participant on her account Instagram.

How are Sully and Evan related today?

According to the popular ‘Kitten’, she and her ex-husband have a good relationship because they are both parents of the little one Marchello Piccolotto, whom they conceived in 2014 a year after meeting on the beach in Cancun.