Susy Díaz: at what age did you start working and what did you do before entering TV?

susy diaz He is one of the most famous figures in the local show business and has stolen the hearts of all his followers thanks to his fun personality and his great career on the small screen. The former congresswoman has managed to remain in force on TV until today and she has given us endless unforgettable moments due to her occurrences. However, few know what the former vedette’s life was like before she entered television.

In a recent interview, Florcita Polo’s mother recounted some passages of her life, such as her childhood, her foray as a star, her time in Congress and her motherhood. Therefore, here we tell you from what age she started working.

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How did Susy Díaz enter television?

Ivonne Susana Diaz Diazknown in the artistic world as Susy Díaz, She began working in 1984 as a secretary at Panamericana Televisión. For this reason, she was able to debut in the late humorous program “Risas y salsa”. Thanks to her charisma and personality, she became a boom in the 80s and was part of various comedy spaces on national TV.

Likewise, at the beginning of the 90s, she was the host of the musical program “Tropical Rhythm” for Channel 7 and, as we know, to this day our showbiz figure walks through many entertainment venues.

At what age did Susy Díaz start working and what did she do before TV?

During a conversation with Miracles Leiva, Susy Díaz recounted the difficulties she had to experience in her childhood. The former congresswoman explained that, after the separation of her parents, the economy in her home decreased, so she decided to support her mother to bring the money home.

At that time, the former vedette was 12 years old and sold medlars and pecans to be able to contribute to her family’s livelihood.

We had medlar plants, pecans, and I would climb the trees and take them out in bags to sell them to the store. I didn’t even know how to put a price on it (…) At school I sold cake, I knew how to prepare it, sometimes it burned, but they still bought it for me, ”he said.

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Susy Díaz reveals that her mother did not want her to be a star

Vedetism opened the possibility of entering Parliament, according to Susy Díaz. However, her mother did not approve that she shines on the screens between feathers and sequins.

“My mom did not want me to be a star, ever. My aunt, her older sister, spoke ill of me and told her: ‘Let her stop acting like a star, nobody is going to want to marry her.’ and i got married twice. Thanks to vedetism I got to Congress, ”he explained.