Susy Díaz bills on TikTok and makes a challenge to call the ‘Mero Loco’

susy diaz don’t waste time. And it is that Then that Paula Manzanal revealed that she earns $8,000 a week for doing live broadcasts on TikTok, the blonde with red lips was encouraged to follow in her footsteps and bill on the well-known social network. That is why the former congresswoman linked up with the program “Magaly TV La Firme” so that her fans, through the TikTok wallet, give her gifts or stickers, and thus generate economic income for her content.

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Susy Díaz earns money with TikTok. Photo: Facebook

“I always made my videos live, but I don’t know who deactivated my gifts and now that I see that a lot of money is earned, I have activated it again,” Susy Díaz said with a laugh.

Susy “pulls” Florcita to TikTok

Despite the fact that the live broadcast had 500,000 people connected and was in the top 36 on TikTok, Susy managed to obtain the amount of 206 dollars in less than an hour, and assured that she will encourage her daughter Flor Polo to earn some money. money. “I’m going to start making more live videos, and incidentally I’m going to tell Florcita to also do hers live, you have to add, not subtract,” Susy specified.

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What challenge did Susy Díaz propose to her fans?

It is no secret to anyone that Susy Díaz cannot even see her ex-partner Eddie Hidalgo, better known as “Mero Loco”, who to this day would have an outstanding financial debt with Flor Polo’s mother. However, Susy surprised her TikTok fans by making a challenge for her followers to give her gifts to be able to monetize with her content.

But the former congresswoman put aside her differences with “Mero Loco” and assured that: “I have told them (her followers) that if they give me the lion or the gold TikTok, I promise to call ‘Mero Loco’ and talk to him, talk to my ex who I haven’t talked to in a long time”.

This caused great astonishment in Magaly Medina, who did not hesitate to encourage Susy Díaz. “People like to gossip and want to see you talk to your ex, the one who cheated on you a bunch of times. People want that and right now a little lion is going to appear”, commented the ATV journalist.