Susy Díaz breaks her silence and accuses Monique Pardo of defamation: “I am not a criminal”

He spoke loud and clear. Susy Díaz finally broke her silence after Monique Pardo came out to denounce that she is a victim of extortion, and ended up involving her in her complaint. Given this, the former congresswoman not only made the drastic decision to send her a notarized letter, but now she has spoken with everything.

In a recent interview with a well-known local media, Flor Polo Diaz’s mother made it clear that the interpreter of “Caramelo” he would be spoiling his image with everything he has said. For this reason, with the document that she sent her, she hopes that she can retract within 24 hours, which is her deadline today.

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“I am recording my film (…) and with new projects, they come to involve me with things that I have nothing to do with (…) Since I am busy recording the film, I told my lawyer to send the notarized letter because it is a serious accusation and in the end (the criminals themselves) say that they are from ‘Damian and Toyo’ (something that the comedians have denied)”, he said.

“I told my lawyer: ‘I am sending you all the videos, all the screenshots, the photos and the interviews in which (Monique) is speaking so that you notify her because this is defamation and slander, “he added. susy diazquite mortified in conversation with the newspaper Perú21.

This was the notarial letter that he sent to Monique Pardo:

Notarial letter from Susy Díaz to Monique Pardo disseminated in the media

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Friends of Susy Díaz were concerned after statements by Monique Pardo

Also, during the interview, susy diaz He also announced that his friends and relatives were concerned after the statements of Monique Pardo. For this reason, they even contacted her to clarify what was happening and ask her why her name was heard in an extortion complaint.

“Even from abroad people I know have called me saying ‘what’s going on?’ as if I were a criminal. I have never been involved in such serious criminal acts, for me this spoils my image, a career built over so many years, ”she finished, clearly affected by what has been happening. What will the former vedette answer?