Susy Díaz does not regret recording TikTok with Mark Vito: “He has a great body and is very attractive”

The Tiktoker of the moment, Mark Vito surprises with a new video, now alongside the always controversial Susy Díaz. The images have become a sensation, because in a few hours, they already have almost 400,000 views, and dozens of comments congratulating them. Many users ask the American citizen to upload more material with it.

This afternoon, the former congresswoman, who is a friend of Keiko Fujimori, appeared on the program “Send whoever is in charge” and gave details of everything that happened during the recordings and stated that they will publish more. “He stayed as God brought him into the world?”; he asked Maria Pia Copello. “No, behind the scenes you will see that I was in shorts,” she replied.

YOU CAN SEE: Susy Díaz and Mark Vito get together to make a fun video that is a sensation in networks

Maria Pia asked again what opinion do you have of Mark Vito after recording this video of TikTok. “I see him as very attractive and she has a great body,” said the artist who will turn 60 in the coming months. And she was encouraged to give the diet of Mark Vito: “After doing it, I take off,” he released, causing laughter from all those present.

‘The Charlotte’, For his part, he asked him head-on to the jugular if he “goes” to the ex-husband of Keiko. This was his forceful response. “A time has come when I want to be alone, I have a lot of suitors. At the end of September I will be 60 years old and I want to dedicate myself to myself.” “You’ve been with worse,” he joked Mario Hartwhich was criticized for Maria Pia: “More respect”.

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Mark Vito promises more TikTok videos with Susy Díaz: “Anyway”

After posting new material on TikTok, Mark Vito he takes time to respond to questions and comments from his followers. “Anyway”, she reacted to people who asked for more videos with Susy Díaz. She also joked Rodrigo González and Magaly Medinawho did not support them together.

“And where was ‘Amor y Fuego’ this time? If he wanted a scandal, he only needed to wait one more day. What an avocado for his failed ampay yesterday,” said the American citizen who shows his obvious physical change in his networks. Just a month ago he opened his account TikTok and already has 3 million ‘likes’.