Susy Díaz: how was the song “Vive la vida” born and how did the PNP inspire the lyrics?

Did you know? Susy Díaz confessed what inspired her to create the song “Vive la vida”, one of the most iconic songs of the former congresswoman after “she has rejected me”. In a TikTok from the entertainment communicator, Kathy Sheen, Florcita Polo’s mother did not hesitate to say that this popular theme is related to a training song from the National Police of Peru. What did the artist reveal about this hymn of the Peruvian show business?

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“Live life and don’t let life live you”

“Well, I was recording a reality show, and then they told me that I had to compose a song because I hadn’t recorded for a long time (…) ‘Live life and don’t let life live you, life is one’. And that kind of songs that encourage life,” said Susy after the communicator asked her how she was inspired by the lyrics of “Shake your head or get stiff.”

Then he added (while raising his hands) “And that little step that says, right, right, left, left came from when young people were studying to be police officers in the streets singing that chorus.On the other hand, he ended, jokingly, about the fact that salsa singer Marc Anthony had copied his song when writing “Vivir mi vida”.

How old is Susy Diaz?

The artist susy diaz He recently revealed that he is 58 years old, since he was born on September 28, 1964.