Susy Díaz sends a notarized letter to Monique Pardo for relating her to extortion of which she is a victim

She’s outraged! susy diaz It was pronounced after Monique Pardo slipped in an interview that the former congresswoman is linked to the extortion messages she has been receiving. For this reason, she decided to send him a notarized letter in which she asks that he retract within 24 hours of notifying the document, since she considers that her image has been sullied. As recalled, the interpreter of “Caramelo Caramel” assured that “several women” are behind the threat.

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Susy Díaz: what does the notarial letter say?

“It is thus that his person, acting with full contempt for the truth, knowing the falsehood of the information propagated before the media, where he indicates that my person would be responsible for a criminal act of a very large caliber such as the crime of extortion , statements that are unacceptable and false from every point of view, reveals the absence of verification and lack of truth”, reads the document issued by the legal part of Susy Díaz.

For this reason, he asks Monique Pardo to retract in the same medium in which he gave the interview. “We order that within 24 hours of notification of this notarial letter, you give us a response, rectify it in the same means of communication in which you made said statement, which has damaged my honor and reputation,” pointed out.

Part of the Notarial Letter from Susy Díaz to Monique Pardo. Photo: GLR Archive

What were Monique Pardo’s statements?

Monique Pardo was desperate when she revealed that she has been a victim of extortion and that the criminals have asked her for a million dollars to avoid an attempt on her life. The national artist mentions who could be behind this threat.

Susy Díaz sends a notarized letter to Monique Pardo and she is outraged. Photo: Composition LR/Broadcast

“In the calls, the criminals say that there are women who hate me and that they have ordered me to kill. At the first opportunity, they said there were two of them, but the last time they called out the name of a person who was quite unpleasant to me (Susy Díaz). I don’t count her among my friends, but in the video they say that a woman has ordered me to be killed and that she paid her US$1,000”, she declared for Peru 21.