Susy Díaz traveled to France with Walter Obregón to celebrate his birthday

Susy Díaz and Walter Obregón undertook a trip to Europe to take a short vacation. The couple reaffirmed their relationship with this journey together and away from controversy. During his stay, the popular ‘Prince of Huarmey’ will have his birthday and the former congresswoman will celebrate it with him.

In conversations with a local newspaper, the controversial dancer said that she will be inspired by the places she will visit in France to create a new ‘diet’.

“My friend invited us and then I will go to Switzerland, at the invitation of another friend. Walter is here, We traveled for his birthday, which is this Monday“Said the former parliamentarian.

“It is the third time that I come to France and I tell you that walking through the Eiffel Tower I came up with a new diet: ‘The diet of France, do it with abundance and elegance,'” he added to Trome.

On whether he resumed his relationship with Walter Obregón, Susy diaz It did not specify if they are giving themselves a new opportunity. However, the journey they have made would be proof of a reconciliation.

“There is a lot of envy, bad people, and I don’t like talking about my things, I decided not to comment on my private life for a long time. I can only tell you that I am fine and calm, “he said.

The former congresswoman surprised her followers by revealing that a political party proposed her to run for the municipal seat. However, she said she is still not accepting it for fear of what might happen during her possible period.

“They have invited me, but I do not want to do the mayoress’ diet: ‘You finish your term and they put you in jail,'” said the famous Magaly TV, the firm.

In the interview they conducted, he took the opportunity to make everyone present laugh with his well-known diets that he usually creates according to the national situation.