Susy Díaz went to France to celebrate Walter Obregón’s birthday: “I won’t say more, there is envy”

Together again. The former congresswoman, Susy Díaz traveled to France to celebrate the birthday of the furniture entrepreneur, Walter Obregón and does not speak anymore because “there is a lot of envy.” Let us remember that the couple is in full reconciliation, although they have not claimed to continue a relationship, they always emphasize having a good friendship.

Proof of this, is this trip, where both enjoy the beautiful romantic streets of Paris, according to SusyHe mentioned that he was walking around the Eiffel Tower, and he will soon travel to Switzerland to continue getting to know Europe with his ‘friend’.

I am in France. My friend invited us and then I’ll go to Switzerland, at the invitation of another friend. Walter is here, we traveled for his birthday, which is this Monday (today), “he said at first for the press.

On whether he came back with Walter, the woman with the ‘red lips’ said the following: “I think we have to travel because money is recovered, but time does not. Now I want to know, take a walk, we are going to see where God sends us,” he added.

“There is a lot of envy, bad people and I don’t like talking about my things, I decided not to comment on my private life for a long time. I can only tell you that I’m fine and calm,” he concluded.

It is worth emphasizing that recently, the former congresswoman has a view to the mayor of Lima and it is that she revealed that she has received the proposal to run for the municipal seat; but he still has not decided because he fears the reprisals that the burgomasters go through at the end of their term.

They have invited me, but I don’t want to do the mayoress diet, you finish your term and they put you in jail“, he pointed out laughing.

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