Take off your shoes! Look at its benefits

From time to time, it is healthy to stop shoes aside to ventilate the feet, but also bring other Benefits. First of all, walking without shoes strengthens the muscles of the feet. It also helps to combat back pain or poor posture in the hips, because these are problems that can be linked to differences and imbalances in the muscles of the foot.

However, there are cases where it is better to avoid being barefoot. An example is when a person depends on the reinforcement of footwear or usually wears special insoles. It is also not advisable to walk without shoes in cases of misalignment from birth.

It is preferable to do it, at least initially, on a soft surface, such as dirt or sand. Those are ideal textures. In order for the feet to get used to it, at the beginning it is better to walk rather short sections and alternate them with distances in which one puts on shoes again.

If you’ve had any kind of injury, you should be extra careful. After an injury, it is essential to perform a muscle training specific, known as proprioceptive, which consists of doing exercises that reinforce stability and balance on an unstable surface.

In childhood, it is important to take care that children shoes do not adjust too much. In children, feet grow very quickly and that is why it is essential to make sure that the tendons and muscles are not subjected to excessive pressure. Walking barefoot helps you avoid these problems and also helps you use your toes well.

In adults, walking barefoot helps train the arch area, strengthen the Achilles tendon, and relieve stress on the back. There are those who also say that it stimulates the soles of the feet and, through them and their reflexological points (acupressure), certain organs.