Taliban smuggle 3,000 liters of alcohol into Kabul canal

Afghan intelligence services reported on Sunday, January 3, that they seized some 3,000 liters of smuggled alcohol and dumped it into a Kabul canal, in compliance with the Taliban government’s ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol. Afghan security claimed that the seizure was made during a raid in the Afghan capital, in which three men were detained.

Likewise, a video was shared via Twitter from the General Intelligence Directorate (GDI), the special services of the Islamic Emirate, which is how the Taliban government calls itself. In the material, several uniformed men appear emptying barrels into a canal.

In addition, three men were arrested in this operation. “Muslims must refrain from manufacturing and supplying alcohol,” a religious figure said in the video.

Previously, the sale and consumption of alcohol was already banned by the previous Afghan government, backed by the West, but now with the Taliban, who defend a very rigorous vision of Islam, the repression has intensified since they took power in the middle of the year. August.

The Taliban’s security controls have been tightened. Although they have the objective of locating possible criminals, carriers of explosives or weapons, They also look for those who carry drugs or alcohol.

Likewise, the conservative government is increasing the pressure on the population and especially on women. For example, the Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice of the Taliban prohibited on December 25, 2022, women from traveling without a veil and without a male companion in case of long journeys.