Tamara case: House arrest imposed on Emilio López

The measure of coercion from preventive detention to home detention and the use of an electronic shackle against the lawyer was varied emilio lopezwho was accused of gender violence and physical assault against his partner, the television presenter Tamara Martinez. The decision was made by Judge Rosalmi Guerrero of the Fifth Investigating Court of the National District.

To vary the decision, the court considered that the lawyer does not represent a danger to the victim and that he has sufficient roots, therefore he understood that he should be kept in a less burdensome measure than preventive detention.

The defendant’s lawyers had asked the court to vary the measure of coercion, considering that the imprisonment ordered by the Permanent Court of the National District had been disproportionate.

When leaving the court, the presenter Martínez was observed happy with the decision.

López, who was imprisoned in the Najayo-Hombres prison, was arrested in the Comprehensive Care Unit for Gender Violence, Intrafamily and Sexual Crimes, after the mother of tamaraCesarina Piña, will accuse him of physical, psychological and economic abuse in their relationship.

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