Tatiana Astengo retweets harsh messages after the death of Luis Castañeda: “Justice never touched him”

Nothing was saved. Former mayor Luis Castañeda Lossio was hospitalized a few months ago and today he finally lost his life at 76 years of age, so many have not stopped speaking out in social networks, and among them is Tatiana Astengo, who was quite harsh with her words.

Through his official account at Twitter, the actress broke her silence and referred to the departure of the ex-burgeon from Lima quite harshly because she recalled all the cases for which he was being investigated to ensure that justice was not done with him.

“The ‘there is no bad death’ is once again a false statement in this case. Castañeda died and justice never touched him” and “Luis Castañeda Lossio passed away, known for having been the most corrupt mayor of Lima. He left just like Alan García, without responding to justice, “were the messages he retweeted.

“This is what we will remember about Luis Castañeda, his embezzlement of 21 million soles from the Municipality of Lima for the #Comunicore case, a crime that he prescribed and for which he went unpunished,” it also read.

For Tatiana Astengo, the death of Luis Castañeda, as did the journalist Jaime de Althaus and other figures, but should regret that he was not sentenced for any of the complaints against him.

“Castañeda Lossio died and I see that some regret his loss, the only thing we should regret is that there was no justice and it did not end behind bars”, “I have a problem with the death of corrupt people: it gives me zero sorrow. life —or convictions— for the RIP “and” Castañeda’s administration in one sentence: ‘he did not fall, he collapsed’ “, he concluded.

How many times was Luis Castañeda Lossio mayor of Lima?

Luis Castañeda Lossio he had three administrations as mayor of the capital: between 2002 and 2012; while the last one did it between 2014 and 2018.

In 2000 and 2011, he ran for the presidency of the Republic, but was not more successful, reaching only 1,803% of the votes the first time, while in the second he only reached 9,839%, which was not enough to pass to the second round, where Ollanta Humala (Nationalist Party) and Keiko Fujimori (Popular Force) faced each other.