Tatiana Astengo went for an emollient after a strong earthquake: “To calm down after the scare” [FOTO]

Be cautious. The actress Tatiana Astengo is one of the characters of the show who is always active in social networks and after this 5.6 magnitude earthquake registered in Lima was no exception.

In the first instance, the renowned national artist made a publication on her account Twitter on emergency backpacks, reminding their followers of having one always on hand for these types of occasions.

Some time later, the actress made a tweet showing that she had gone to take an emollient to calm down after experiencing the strong shaking.

“Well, to calm down after the scare. The details that are appreciated ”, reads in his post along with a video in which he can see how they prepare their drink.


1.- Security zones. Look for established escape signs around the house.

2.- Remain calm. Maintain calm and transmit it to others.

3.- Stay away from the glass. Such as windows, cornices, etc.

4.- Find a flashlight. In many cases the electrical system will be suspended, so it is good to have a flashlight on hand.5.- Do not go up to the elevators. And finally, in these cases it is not recommended to use the elevators, instead use the stairs slowly and calmly.


1.- Verify. After the earthquake, check for injuries or injuries to provide first aid before taking them to the hospital.

2.- Search. Before entering, evaluate if there is damage to the structure of the house.

3.- Turn off. The electrical and gas systems of your home or workplace.

4.- Do not call. The phone system collapses. It is advisable to send text messages to communicate with your family members.

5.- Have. The emergency numbers, for example, of the fire brigade, of the police, of serenazgo, of emergencies, etc.