Taylor Swift: this was what her ex-partner Jake Gyllenhaal did during the premiere of “All too well”

On Friday, November 12, Taylor Swift relaunched its acclaimed Red album after almost a decade. Among several surprises, the most anticipated by his followers was the 10-minute version of the song “All too well“Which is speculated addresses the relationship that the singer had with Jake Gyllenhaal.

The album release has had the artist on a tight schedule. Between the night of Thursday, November 11, and the early hours of the 12th, she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Mayers’ late night shows. Simultaneously, the album was available on streaming platforms worldwide. Then, on the afternoon of November 12, the album was released that includes the new version of “All too well” which is run by Taylor herself. The following night, she sang this piece on Saturday night live.

The lead single from Red’s re-release is a ten minute song. For more than a decade, Taylor fans speculated that it portrayed her relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. They were a couple for a few months during 2010, when the singer was close to turning 21 and the producer was 29.

The extended version of the song gave more clues to the relationship that inspired Taylor to write it. In it he mentions the great age difference between the two. The accompanying short film is cast by Sadie Sinc and Dylan O’brien. The last was characterized in a way that closely resembles the actor in Secret on the Mountain.

During the same weekend, Jake’s godmother, the famous actress Jamie Lee Curtis shared a picture of him on Instagram. It features Jake and Maggie Gyllenhall on a red carpet. In the description of the publication, the winner of the golden globe congratulated the artists on their new projects.

A lots of Netizens criticized Jamie in the comments for uploading the photo shortly after Taylor Swift relaunched the well-known album that would apparently show the tumultuous relationship he had with the Spider-man actor.

During Saturday, November 13, The 40-year-old actor accompanied his sister to the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards in Los Angeles. Maggie received the award for best director of discovery for her film The Lost Daughter.

Jake also presented an award during the event. He took the stage to award the trophy for best sound editing for the feature film The Guilty’s, awarded to Mandell Winter and David Esperanza.

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