TCL 10 SE: a nice budget surprise for the low-end, is it worth it for the price?

The year 2021 left a strange feeling due to the stagnation of certain sectors in consumer technology. The validity of preventive measures for the coronavirus did not stop the already prolonged shortage of components that has affected the industry for almost two years; However, the new proposals have not stopped, and where before there were only cameras and 4G, now there is 5G, folding screens, a large number of sensors and fast charging. Of course, there is still room for low ranges that are getting closer and closer to what was previously mid-range. In the latter, China has a lot to do, and brands like TCL with models so economic but with surprises like TCL 10 SE, demonstrated.

A few weeks ago the availability of the TCL 20 SE it is a reality in many countries in the Latin American market. One of its most outstanding novelties compared to the previous year’s model is its battery, now 5,000 mAh, in addition to finally having a Snapdragon processor, although similar in power to the Helio P22 of the TCL 10 SE.

We must remember that the suffix SE of this line of cheap phones from TCL It is one of the most notorious in the community, since it stands out for its price, around 150 dollars or euros depending on the market.

Now, with two generations of this brand available in our country, we take the opportunity to point out the best features of the TCL 10 SE, waiting for the TCL 20 SE to stand out for something else in the future. reviews. The low-end phone surprised us when we received a temporary test copy at The Republic and here we tell you our impressions.

The first major impression we had with the TCL 10 SE is that it is a far cry from a low-end rated phone of a few years ago. This is not an exclusive merit of the Chinese firm but it does qualify as a good example that the mid-range of a couple of seasons ago is now considered economical.

The TCL 10 SE is the simplest example of the firm’s 10 line, and its performance was cut considerably from the top model (TCL 10 Plus). Even so, what we can highlight at a first glance are its characteristics closest to the hardware:

All of this setup is built into a sleek exterior design that inspires a good feeling of durability. Despite being almost entirely plastic, it does not appear to be a non-reflective chassis. Even so, its surface is not the best, but with a model of this type (plastic), it is natural to consider a case of significant thickness.

The internal features, both hardware and software of the TCL 10 SE They are not far from what is now already available in the TCL 20 SE, except for a few key points:

We should not delve too deeply into all the benefits where the TCL 10 SE does not stand out (although it does comply), since the great surprise of this smartphone considerably low price is in the capacity of its visual offer, both input and output. It is there where the efforts of the Chinese brand have obviously been concentrated, since there are two extremely notable characteristics for a mobile in this range.

First is real-time artificial intelligence technology NXTVision which although it is not the most advanced on the market is a good additive for a phone in this price range. The setup shines brighter with video playback and still images than it does with video games, but highlights the colors for good distinction, giving the impression that the modest LCD camera is capable of higher brightness than its predecessors. 450 nits that, in themselves, already stand out for the usual in this range. The screen of the 10 SE is, in general, one of the best quality for the price.

Greater is the impression of the strong attention to the visual section with one of the most particular functions of this unique model. The camera has a native option to take close-up photos in full detail without worrying too much about the loss of focus typical of very short zooms.

In our tests we decided to take some shots of a Raspberry Pi 4 that we had available. It is an SBC (system on a board) only slightly larger than a card game. Those who know these types of products will know how to recognize how small the letters are printed on the motherboard of this tiny computer, but for the TCL 10 SE it was no problem immortalizing them in their splendor. The results speak for themselves, and they did surprise us:

Finally, we must not forget to highlight the good provision of modern security options available in the TCL 10 SE. Facial recognition works properly thanks to the good backlighting of the camera, even the selfie.

It is also worth clarifying that the HDR mode produces good impressions since photographs rarely appear with extreme low or too much light. The recording barely gives 30 fps, but while the video is something that we expected is not very advanced, the good experience we got with the photos deserves a good rating.

After all, the best thing about this phone is that you will be surprised what it can do for the price, and now that it already has a successor, we can only conclude that the theme will improve in the future.