Teachers face serious complaints after gagging children and applying severe punishments in Bolivia

Two teachers from an educational unit in Santa Cruz, bolivianwere denounced by seven students for tying and gagging them with tape as a form of punishment.

Among the other severe punishments to which the minors between 7 and 12 years oldThey were not allowed to go to the bathroom. “The teachers are very harsh with the children, they didn’t even let them go out to relieve themselves, a girl went to the extreme of urinating in the class because the teacher forbade her to go to the bathroom,” said one of the complainants.

These arbitrariness against children became known after a mother denounced that her little son would have come home crying and, after asking him the reasons, the minor told her that the teacher was abusive towards them and that they tied them to chairs with adhesive tape.

Lawyer Jesus Ancalle He explained that the two teachers “threatened the children so they wouldn’t tell their parents. They had been bullied at school for over a year,” she added.

At the moment, it is known that the defense he would have requested to meet with other children to corroborate the complaint. In the same way, it is known that the list of children mistreated by educators continues to be added.

The defenseIn addition, he said that psychological studies would be carried out to rule out other types of abuse.

According to local media reports, the mothers asked that these teachers be punished by law. “Children cannot be subjected to this type of abuse, they come to school to learn, we do not send them to be mistreated in this way,” said the mother of one of the victims.