Ten iconic songs by Tina Turner

Singer, composer, actress and choreographer. The artist died today at the age of 83 near Zurich (Switzerland), her spokeswoman announced in a statement.

Tina Turnerthe ‘Queen of Rock’n Roll’, died peacefully after a long illness at her home in Kusnacht, near Zurich, Switzerland.

Since she began her musical career, back in the mid-50s, this singer American did not stop reaping achievements and awards in the world of music.

Today we review his professional career remembering the best songs of the queen of rock & roll.

top 10 songs of Tina Turner

River Deep-Mountain High

It was one of the artist’s first singles. With the passage of time, this topic has gained greater repercussion worldwide. It is in the position number 33 of the list of Best songs of All Time from Rolling Stone magazine.

Private Dancer

Private Dancer gives its name to one of the most complete and incredible albums by the artist. So much so that he managed to win the Grammy for Best Album of 1984. To this day it continues to be a jewel of the music From this epoch.

What’s Love Got to Do with It

One of the best songs of Tina Turner inside his album Private Dancer. This album has great hits and, without a doubt, this is one of them.

Its eighties sound was the takeoff of the professional solo career of the American artist.

Acid Queen

This song gives life to the album that bears the same name and which was, for the artist, a true explosion of power. Since then, Tina Turner would be known under the pseudonym “The Acid Queen”.

The Best

We could say that The Best is one of the songs most positive and with character within the bibliography of the artist.

It is found on the Foreign Affair album that was released in 1989. As a curious fact we have to say that this song is nothing more than a version of the hit by the British Bonnie Tyler. However, popularity and success are always attributed to Tina Turner.

We don´t Need Another Hero

This song is part of the soundtrack of the third installment of the Mad Max saga. Also, here Tina Turner not only does she put her voice on this incredible song, but she was also able to demonstrate her acting skills alongside Mel Gibson himself.


His passion for music of the Beatles made the artist cover getback. One of the songs Popular original band from Liverpool.

golden eye

A real Bond girl. golden eye is the main song of the soundtrack of one of the films of the famous agent 007: James Bond.

Although it was written by Bono of U2 and The Edge, Tina’s performance was key to its success and the incredible reviews it received.

When the Heartache is Over

We can’t think of a better way to end this compilation of Tina Turner and its songs famous than remembering one of his last great successes: When the Heartache is Over.

At 60, the age at which this hit was recorded, she showed that she was still more than ready to continue sweeping the stage.

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