Tepha Loza defends Cachaza for publications with Andre Bankoff: “Live your life, enjoy it”

Tepha Loza was interviewed this week for the cameras of Más Espectáculos de América Televisión, where she was asked about how she currently observed Cachaza after the end of her engagement with Rafael Cardozo and the beginning of her new relationship with the Brazilian act Andre Bankoff, to which She responded, coming to her friend’s defense, “I see her radiant, it’s because she feels another type of aura too, one realizes it.”

When asked if she thought she was exposing herself too much on social networks, she was emphatic in recommending Carol Reali, Cachaza, “Live your life, enjoy it. If the beautiful love that you have now flows, enjoy it to the fullest and if you want to expose it every days, expose it”. Thus, he also attacked Rafael Cardozo again by stating that the so-called mourning, when a relationship ends, is only kept for those who deserve it, “There is no time for love.”

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As is recalled, Carol Reali, better known as Cachaza, had a relationship with Rafael Cardozo for 12 years, but the couple abruptly stopped seeing each other and going out together, until the model began to appear in photographs without the engagement ring and was finally captured in cameras removing his things from the apartment he shared with the ex-combatant. Although to this day the exact reason for the break is not known, many voices speak of Cardozo’s delayed request for a hand with the model.

Tepha Loza and Mario Neumann about to turn 7 months old

On the other hand, he was asked about how his relationship with businessman Mario Neumann was going, with whom they are about to celebrate seven months of relationship, he stressed that things are going super well and he is a super cute boy. “I’m happy about that” Tepha Loza highlights with a smile, affirming that time flies by with him.

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“What people say will do it just to criticize. I am only living day to day, I am flowing in the most beautiful way. We are projecting ourselves into the future and God knows until when or if it is forever” Tepha Loza finally closed the short interview he gave at the end of Camilo’s concert in Lima where he accompanied Neumann’s son.