Tepha Loza defends Cachaza for showing off her love and stoning Rafael Cardozo: “Mourning for those who deserve it”

Some days ago, Carol Reali, better known as ‘Cachaza’, She was criticized by some users after showing off every so often with her partner andre bankoff in their networks. Despite this, and the comments of her ex Rafael Cardozo about her, who considered that she should have mourned, the Brazilian ignores the negative and continues to boast of her new love. Now, her friend Tepha Loza came out in front of her to defend her and highlight that she looks much more beautiful and shining since she is in her new relationship.

According to Sergio Peña’s ex-partner, the influencer Carol Reali You have every right to show what you want and to expose your romance on your networks if you feel like it. He even highlighted how she has started to have a new aura. “TO cachazI see her happy, I see her beautiful, more and more radiant, she has another aura (…) Let her expose, live her life, enjoy it, if the beautiful love that you have now flows, enjoy it to the fullest and if you want to expose it all the days, expose it ”, said the reality girl.

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In addition, he commented on the controversy due to the fact that Cachaza has not mourned. “Love does not have time, mourning for those who deserve it too (…)”, she expressed the Melissa Loza’s sisterwho is just about to complete 7 months of relationship with her lover Mario Neumann, of whom she is very excited.

Finally, he talked about the owner of his heart and the good chemistry he has with him, multiplying his exams by zero. “Super cute indeed, every time we have a bond of union, of love. I’m happy about that (…) People will always criticize, they will always judge you, I’m just living day by day, I’m flowing,” he added, hinting that he does see himself in the future with him.

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What did Cachaza say on the subject of mourning?

After Rafael Cardozo c.comment on the relationship that her ex-partner Cachaza began with André Bankoff and to make it clear that the young woman had to mourn, the model did not remain silent and sent her a tremendous message through the program ‘Love and fire’. In addition, he stressed that he is not doing anything wrong.

“That mourning is from long before the relationship ends. I have nothing to say, I wish him well, that he be happy. There was respect within the relationship and now I have had the opportunity to meet a new person and there is no There is nothing wrong with sharing on the networks how happy one is. I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m just sharing my happy moments with my new partner and nothing, “he expressed to said show space.