Tepha Loza: Who is Mario Neumann, a construction businessman who would be dating the model [VIDEO]

Did you find a new love? The reality girl Tepha Loza would have already forgotten the soccer player Sergio Peña, with whom she had a relationship that did not last long, for going out with a new hunk. his name is Mario Neuman And if you want to know more about the conqueror of Melissa Loza’s sister, we will tell you here.

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Who is Mario Neumann?

His name is Mario Neumann Loayza, who is dedicated to the construction business like a successful businessman and has two children. We begin by telling you that he studied at the Colegio San Agustín and when he finished, he entered the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, doing a Master’s in Administration at the EAE Business School.

Much of his personal information is unknown, such as his birthday and date of birth, but he would be approximately 40 years old, at his age he is the General Manager of the Dolphin Construction Company and, through his social networks, he has also shown that he is the Operations Manager of the Trust Group and General Manager at Constructora Bulova.

Apparently, to Mario Neuman It is doing very well, since the construction companies work with state tenders with different municipalities for millions of dollars. It should be noted that their social networks are private, but in some stories they would have shown that they already have a lot of confidence and even know their relatives.

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Tepha Loza: How was your ‘ampay’ with Mario Neumann?

A program report Magaly TV The Firm showed that the influencer Tepha Loza She had a double date with businessman Mario Neumann at the Rosa Naútica restaurant in Miraflores, last Saturday, November 12, at night, along with one of her friends Macarena Vélez, who was accompanied by her partner.

Despite the fact that the former competitor of “This is war”, Tepha Lozaphotos were taken at the venue to publish them on his personal Instagram account, other diners became “jackals” to capture both couples having dinner and showing signs of affection such as grabs on the waist, which would demonstrate the confidence they have.

The most impressive are the coincidences in the photographs that Magaly Medina’s team would have found, revealing that Tepha Loza and Mario Neumann They would have traveled to the United States together and it was demonstrated with images in the same places. Tepha Loza would already know even the businessman’s children.