Thalía reveals secrets of the novel “María, la del barrio”: “They had to inject me against rabies”

The singer and actress Thalía is one of the figures of the show that is closest to her followers, since from her social networks she shows her day-to-day life and also tells some details about her most famous productions, such as “María, the one from the neighborhood”, the successful soap opera that crossed borders and that consolidated the Mexican artist. In a recent video posted on her YouTube channel, she reveals some secrets of this production that undoubtedly left more than one fan surprised.

Thalía in “María, the one from the neighborhood”. Photo: The stars

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The problem between Thalía and a monkey on the set of “María, la del barrio”

The renowned actress was telling anecdote after anecdote in the video until she got to the part about the little animals that appeared in the Mexican soap opera. “I love animals and you know it,” she said. “I fought a lot with the producer to have a kind of animal nursery, that is, I had a goat, a gigantic dog, I had rabbits, I had birds and even a monkey, a monkey… that monkey,” he added. touching his head.

“That monkey sped up and he wasn’t in a good mood that day, and he threw himself at me and I pulled him like ‘wait, you’re going to bite me,’ he threw himself at my face and I sort of lowered him like that, with the diaper that I was wearing, and it bites me in the navel,” he revealed.

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The injection they had to give Thalía

Thalía reported that a lot of blood was coming out and “they had to give me the injection of rabies in my navel.” Likewise, she remembers that this experience was horrific, but it remained a great anecdote.