The 10 marriages of Dominican and foreign figures saved by therapy

Many people understand that professional therapy is unnecessary to manage their relationships, but some showbiz couples have shown us that receiving psychological support can help overcome conflicts in a relationship.

Giancarlo Beras and Pamela Sued are the most recent example that you can find a second chance in love when there is a maturity to put your problems on the table and a kind of judge in favor of both dictates the best sentence so that they continue as they swore, united forever.

The case of Freddyn Beras and his wife, Carmen, is also known in the country. Among the celebrities of music and cinema the cases are abundant, among them those of Barack and Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Jay Z, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, Katty Perry and Orlando Bloom.

Ten days ago, Giancarlo Beras and Pamela Sued spoke openly about the decision to attend couples therapy and save their relationship.

Sued confessed that like any couple and after 13 years of marriage, she decided with her husband “to see where we were and where we were failing”, but that they did it in “the most elegant way” for their relatives and their son Alonso.

“Ultimately, thank God, this process was lived through to enjoy today, not an end because the story continues, but a new chapter, we needed that time,” he continued.

“We have several therapists,” he added, continuing to highlight the importance of these in his life. Freddyn Beras, likewise, went through a similar situation with his wife Carmen Rodríguez, in which they had to resort to therapy.

Meanwhile, the artists Evaluna Montaner and Camilo have declared on several occasions that they go to therapy, individually and as a couple, to treat the “misunderstandings” that occur in coexistence. Emphasizing that for them psychological accompaniment is very important.

In the case of the singer Beyonce and the rapper Jay Z, after their breakup in 2014 they decided to forgive each other and restore their relationship. On David Letterman’s show, the American rapper said they did “the hard work of going to therapy.”

This situation is evidenced in the artists’ albums, “Lemonade”, “4:44” and “Everyting is Love”, where they talk about breaking up, forgiveness and reconciliation, respectively.

Another example of how beneficial psychological support can be in a relationship is evidenced in the case of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, who were involved in a controversy in 2016, after the romance between Jada and the rapper August Alsina. According to what Smith told ‘The Sun’ newspaper, they went through very dark moments, and even received psychological care, which helped them a lot.

Likewise, Katty Perry and Orlando Bloom ended their relationship in 2017 and returned a year later, willing to move their relationship forward.

According to the artist in a Chelsea Handler podcast ‘Life Will Be The Death Of Me’, during the pandemic there were problems that were resolved thanks to therapy.

Barack Obama

Similarly, the former president of the United States, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, confirmed that they sometimes went to behavioral professionals to learn how to be happy on their own and maintain happiness at home.

Mayrín Villanueva and Eduardo Santamarina, Patrick Dempsey and Jullian Fink, Pink and Carey Hart also turned to psychologists to move forward with their marital relationship.