The 50th anniversary of the National Theater arrives with the Dance Festival

Next August the National theater Eduardo Brito will celebrate his 50th anniversary. For the festivities, the artistic direction of the institution has programmed a series of cultural activities that include concerts, dance and theater performances.

The first initiative for the festivities will begin on May 5 with the National Ballet Festival, a production that will include the participation of the Dominican National Ballet and Dominican Concert Ballet.

The details were offered in a meeting with the press, headed by Milagros Germán, Minister of Culture, as well as Carlos Veitiageneral and artistic director of the National theater; Marinela Sallent, general director of Fine Arts; Jenny Podestá, president of the Friends of the National theater; Sarah Esteva, Director of the Company Dominican Concert Ballet and Stephanie Bauger, director of the Dominican National Ballet.

“Almost the same as what happened 50 years ago when it was inaugurated, we are announcing a National Ballet Festival that will bring together the best of dance. Throughout all these years the country has grown and we have seen how the National theater it has become an institution where all the manifestations of our art have their space”, stated the Minister of Culture, Milagros Germán.

He recalled that the administration of President Luis Abinader sees culture as a basic component of the quality of life of the entire population.

“Inclusion, democracy must be reflected in all the programming of our National theater. Let’s celebrate these 50 years with pride and with the commitment to continue building a better country”, said Germán.


The Minister of Culture, Milagros Germán, led the meeting with the press, which was attended by sponsors and artists.

the main enclosure

In his speech, the general and artistic director of the National theater, Carlos Veitiasaid that he felt an enormous responsibility and honor to lead the cultural institution.

“In this 2023 we celebrate the 50 years of the foundation and existence of our great temple of scenic and musical art. For those like me, who since its inauguration have seen world-famous artists pass through its different halls, and leave their mark on the most relevant stage in our country, it is a historic event to be able to celebrate this half century of culture”. pointed out.

Of the Show

The program is made to show the creations of both companies, the interventions and choreographies of outstanding artists, the technical deployment of the dancers and, especially, the evolution, dynamism and avant-garde of a variety of different styles and themes.

The “Gala Premiere” is in charge of Dominican Concert Ballet and will be presented on Friday, May 5 and Saturday, May 6, at 8:30 p.m.

This staging, directed by Sarah Esteva and Lisbell Piedra, assistant director, has choreographies by renowned dance artists: Carlos Veitia (“Anima Mobile”), Pablo Pérez (“For a Rose”) and Ramón Oller (“Sunrise”). The latter, a highly renowned choreographer in Europe.

In addition, as special guests will participate the main dancers of the Miami City Ballet, Rainer Krenstetter and Tricia Albertson.

The Dominican National Ballet will present “Estaciones” on Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13, at 8:30 p.m., sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Fundación Amigos del National theater and the General Directorate of Fine Arts.

The Dominican National Ballet, of the General Directorate of Fine Arts, with its piece “Estaciones”, directed by Stephanie Bauger, broadens the expressive and technical horizon of its dancers and repertoire, together with the renowned choreographers Marianela Boán and Annabelle López Ochoa.

Veitía indicated that in August the protagonists of the anniversary will be theater, music and singing. “We are going to present the world premiere of Juana La Loca… madness or conspiracy”, by maestro Manuel Rueda, which will be directed by Guillermo Cordero”.

Also in August, the National Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of José Antonio Molina, will present Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, accompanied by a choir of more than 100 voices.

In September the Van Clibur Festival will be presented.