The 61-year-old grandmother who refused to take care of her grandchildren and preferred to travel the world

Grandchildren can be the reason for living of the grandparents but sometimes this does not happen. A Grandma 61-year-old who, instead of staying home helping his sons and daughters-in-law, decided to undertake a trip to know the world.

Before the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, Josefa Feitosa retired, after years of work in the prison system of Brazil, and he made a very important decision: to go out and tour the countries.

In order not to have any worries during your travels around the world and to add some money for your adventure, the woman sold her furniture, her house and added up her pension earnings. This is how he was able to make his dream come true.

When Josefa retired, her children believed that their grandmother would have more time to help them take care of their grandchildren, but her plans were totally different.

In dialogue on the G1 portal, the Brazilian woman declared: “Grandma should not raise grandchildren”. One of his daughters, Lilith He noted that at first he was not only surprised by his mother’s decision, but also offended. However, as the months passed, he understood her wish and supported her to carry it out.

The woman began to share on her account Instagram photos and videos of their journeys. Over time and thanks to her inspiring story becoming known, the number of followers began to rise. Although many of them show their support and congratulate her, there are those who criticize her and consider that she should be taking care of her grandchildren.

Faced with the questions, Feitosa indicated that grandparents also have the right to a private life. He also claimed that he wants to inspire other people to undertake those adventures or goals that they abandoned for family reasons. Ignoring criticism, she remained firm with her desire to enjoy different sites.

So far, the grandmother has 40 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa in her passport and through social networks she shares postcards of all her experiences, like an influencer, encouraging other women to dare to do what they want the most.

“There is a lot of life outside of this little box called home. You don’t become a grandmother to take care of your grandson, ”she said.