The anguished search for a young man who got lost in the jungle trying to reach the US.

Hector Marino Nunez Ramirez he was part of one of the migrant caravans that crossed the jungle in Central America to reach the United States; however, since he left, his whereabouts are unknown.

The last thing that was known about him was thanks to a video released on social networks, where it is seen that the man cannot continue walking, he looks very exhausted and his face is full of mud. Voices are heard in the background telling him to continue, that he should not let himself die.

Nunez He is from Cali, but he worked in Ipiales, on the border with Ecuador. He recently returned with the idea of ​​migrating to the United States, seeking a better future for his family.

Despite being told that it was very dangerous, he decided to do it and left for the border to enter the area known as ‘Tanpón de Darién’.

In the video, Núñez is heard saying that his legs hurt and that they are weak. They advise him to stretch and he does, and asks them to carry him, but they reply that “you can’t, not even if you were skinny. He grabbed us the night.”

From the Nacional neighborhood of Cali, one of Núñez’s relatives said that the last thing they knew was that Héctor was in Camp 3, but then they have not known anything else. She also recalled being told that it was a dangerous course and that no one should do it.

The images went viral last weekend and have distressed Héctor’s family, who have made a prayer chain and have asked for help to find out what happened to the man from Cali. They have also made a request to the Foreign Ministry, the Ombudsman’s Office and to all those who may know his whereabouts, to find out if he is alright. “The mother is waiting to hear about his fate,” said one of the relatives.