The Argentine Foreign Ministry recommended that its citizens take precautions before visiting Peru

Argentinathrough the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recommended this Saturday that Argentine citizens “carefully assume the decision” to visit Perudue to the protests that take place in that country and have already left a balance of 49 dead in clashes with the forces of order.

“It is suggested to Argentine citizens who are planning to visit the Republic of Peru in the near future, make the decision carefully, gather as much information as possible before starting their trip,” the Foreign Ministry said in an official statement.

In addition, he recommended that possible take into account the difficulties and unforeseen events that could arise, since highways and national roads are blocked by protesters and prevent the normal operation of transport in all its modalities.

Fist. Demonstrators announced that they will continue with their protests if Dina Boluarte does not resign. Photo: Liubomir Fernandez/URPI LR

On the other hand, the Peruvian airports of Juliacain Fist —the main point of departure to Lake Titicaca—, Cusco and Andahuaylas, in the department of Apurímac (south), are closed, while the railway to Macchu Picchu has suspended its operations until further notice.

According to the latest bulletin of the Peru Prosecutor’s Officethe protests that began in December have so far left 42 dead and 531 injured, as well as 329 people arrested.

The escalation of violence arose after the arrest of the former president Pedro Castillo last December 7, after being dismissed by Congress shortly after announcing the closure of Congress, the formation of an emergency executive, would govern by decree and reorganize the justice system, which was described mostly as an attempt to coup.

Castle, after being captured and sentenced to 18 months in pretrial detention, is being investigated for crimes of rebellion and conspiracy for the failed self-coup. His vice president Dina Boluartetook over as head of state.

However, the demonstrators demand the resignation of Boluarte, the closure of Congress, the advancement of general elections for this year and the calling of a constituent assembly.

For now, only the Jorge Chavez International Airport de Lima receives flights, but has arranged some security measures, where only passengers who have an air ticket can enter the airport.