The backpack, an art on the back

Seeing what you once felt was going to work because you loved the idea come to fruition is incredible, but that your parents are complicit in this achievement is even more fascinating. They are the ones who opened the world to what makes her happy today.

Her skin exuded art, as did her haircut, the way she walked, the way she spoke and her gestures. He had a nervous smile, perhaps due to the infinity of emotions because the time had come to tell the story of his project, that to which he injects colors and creativity to give life to an obsolete object, a country and artisan brand: ‘El Macuto’ .

Yeryll Prats is an artisan who received colored pencils, crayons and other types of paint as gifts during her childhood. Through her arteries, as she herself says, art runs.

While she was studying her master’s degree in Film and Television in Spain, she worked as a restorer in Madrid. She “she There she rescued the vintage furniture that people threw in the trash can and painted it, then sold it online. From that she supported me and loved him, ”she says, excited.

On one of his trips to the Dominican Republic, looking for souvenirs on ‘El Conde’ street, he found the backpack. The first thing he thought of was decorating it and making some adjustments to it so he could give it away. “When I saw the backpack finished, I told my mother: ‘This is it. I’m going to quit my job and dedicate myself to doing this. What I want is to make things ugly, beautiful. I want to restore furniture, I want to paint’. She supported me with fear, but she did it, ”recalls Yeryll.

During all the months of confinement due to the COVID pandemic, Yeryll learned about the guano palm leaf with which the bag is made. Today ‘Pratstico’ is an established firm that received a patent certificate for its industrial design of the backpack from ONAPI

Behind all the success is Olga, their only artisan and who is in charge of sowing the guano and weaving each of the bags. “She is an older woman who I consider my mother. She lives in the municipality of Comendador, in Elías Piña, ”she says.

Olga learned to knit out of necessity, because she needed it to support her family. From each of the sales of these bags, comes the food and medicine that she needs for her ‘ailments’. “Without her there is no ‘Pratstico’. Without it we are not well, there is no bag ”, she insists.

Why use it?

Yeryll concluded by motivating Dominicans, and those who like fashion, to have a backpack in their closet, giving three reasons for it:

1. You rescue a cultural heritage

2. You support Dominican art

3. You look different from everyone (do not repaint the designs).