The ballad of the crows hits theaters

The ballad of the crows, a fiction based on true events, was written and directed by Tony Bacigaluppe Pérez and produced by the company Estandarf Films with the co-production of Lola Pro México.

This film tells the story of Pablo, a young Mexican priest who discovers a whole network of human trafficking when he meets La Puchis, a young prostitute from the border area, who is a victim of organized crime.

The film deals with the drama of human trafficking and has been awarded with the Ibero-American funds of the Ibermedia program.

The cast includes the performance of Fidia Peralta (Liborio), the Mexican actor Mario Sepúlvey, and other renowned actors such as Pericles Mejía, Gerardo (El Cuervo) Mercedes, Laura Guzmán, Elvis Eliut, Isabel Spencer, Paula Disla, among other great film actors. Dominican.

Actress Paula Disla has said: “The fight against human trafficking, especially of girls and women, is an issue that impacts the whole of society and in this film, in addition to entertaining, it is also educating and leaving a strong message of commitment and hope” at the same time invited the public to go see it”.

The ballad of the crows was filmed in the border area of ​​the Dominican Republic and is based on real events that occurred in separate episodes in the country.

In addition, he has participated in the prestigious Marché Du Film Cannes film market, as well as in the projects selected in the Ibermedia project development laboratory and in the script rewriting workshop given by the Cuban screenwriter Arturo Arango.

The film has been selected at the Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival and the Bogotá Film Festival, Colombia, and has received the Audience Award, a special mention from the Jury, and a special mention for supporting actor Elvis Eliut, at the Dominican Film Festival the New York 2022.

Also, at the Fine Arts Film Festival Made in the DR, Fidia Peralta won the Best Leading Actress award and was the most watched and applauded film by the public at said festival.

The film premiered on January 19 at Fine Arts, Novo Centro.