The before and after of Adolfo Chuiman in photos: how did he evolve over the years?

Adolfo Chuiman has returned to our screens thanks to the ninth season of the successful series “In the background there is a place”. He returned with his beloved character from “Peter”, Francesca Maldini’s butler, “La noni” and this is one of the many roles that the mischievous, friendly and above all talented Peruvian actor has had. Therefore, in this note The popular We show you his before and after during all these years.

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The before and after of Adolfo Chuiman

Adolfo Chuiman at 22 years old

The actor Adolfo Chuman He married at the age of 22 and later entered the San Marcos University Theater and then the Higher National Institute of Dramatic Art. At the age of 25, she was already playing his first roles.

Adolfo Chuiman in ‘Laughter and Sauces’

After going through the theater, which was not profitable at the time, and after doing a couple of roles on television, at the age of 34, Adolfo Chuman He rose to fame by creating “Risas y salsas” and it was then that he shared with great artists such as Alicia Andrade, Guillermo Rossini or Roxana Ávalos ‘Guardia Serafina’. Here he did sketches like “El Pícaro” where he asked: “Who am I?” and as an answer he had: “Dad”.

Adolfo Chuiman in “Rare Taxi Driver”

At 52 years old and being 1998, Adolfo Chuman was launched with the “Taxista RaRa” series after having left “Risas y Salsas” behind. Such was the success, that for the actor, a new journey had just begun.

Adolfo Chuiman in “Thousand Trades”

In 2001, the actor Adolfo Chuman he played ‘Renato Reyes’, better known as ‘The King of Resources’ and was the personification of many Peruvians.

Adolfo Chuiman in “There is room in the background”

With more than 60 years, Adolfo Chuman He took the character with which the Public remembers him the most, “Peter Mackey”, Francesca Maldini’s butler”. He even said on one occasion that he did not have much faith in the series when he was offered the role, however, inadvertently wanting to end up interpreting it for eight years.

Adolfo Chuiman in “Back to the neighborhood”

Already over 70 years old, Adolfo Chuman He was part of the series “Back to the neighborhood” where he played Benigno Bravo, however at 74 he had to take a short break from his participation due to the coronavirus. He then he returned.

Adolfo Chuiman in Season 9 of “There is room in the background”

At 75, the Peruvian actor Adolfo Chuman He has returned to interpret “Peter” in the ninth season of “In the background there is a place”, being his character one of the most beloved.