The before and after of Dr. Cappillo: Did he spend more than 15,000 soles on ‘tinkering’? [VIDEO]

They ‘threw him out’. This afternoon, the programto ‘Love and fire’ took out a special note from the dentist Manuel Capillo, known in the local show business as ‘Dr. Capillo’. After her brief but notorious stint on the dance reality show ‘The big show’ by Gisela Valcárcel, the ‘architect of the smile’ could not avoid being ‘analyzed’ by the Willax space, where her physical changes were evident.

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As is known, the surgeon gained prominence after being part of the ‘Señito’ program. Even for the kiss with Lucecita in ‘El Gran Show’. Now the program Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter brought to light the alleged cosmetic arrangements that the doctor made over the years.

“He is considered the sexiest man on the planet, he is quite a character (…) we have realized that there is an incredible change, despite the fact that he hides it,” the reporter of the Willax program is heard saying, who revealed that dr fong He was in charge of operating it, a doctor who was also in charge of the aesthetic operations of Sheyla Rojas.

Likewise, the plastic surgeon robert vargas He commented that Dr. Capillo would have undergone ‘facial masculinization’ and rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid. Meanwhile, the expert hinted that he underwent a rhinoplasty, in addition to other procedures for the face, chin and jaw. He would have spent 15,000 soles on facial arrangements, according to the specialist.

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How did Dr. Capillo become famous on TV?

The dentist Manuel Cappillo has worked on various television programs. He was in “The Chinese Band”, “On the Sixth Day” Y “America Today”, where he appeared to talk about oral health care and explain his queries. Also, he is known as the Architect of Smiles for his professional career.

He has served various public figures such as Sebastián Lizarzaburu, Macercan Gastaldo and Chato Mario Hart, as well as other reality show boys. In the networks he is well known, therefore, he was invited to the Gisela Valcárcel program.