The book “A very special child” is put into circulation, written by the grandfather of a child with autism

The Banreservas Volunteers put into circulation the book “A very special child”, a work that explains the daily life of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), narrated by his grandfather.

The book was written by Juan de la Rosa Hidalgo, who said that it has been a fascinating and invaluable experience developing the book’s content with his grandson Juan Isaac, the protagonist.

The publication is a work based on the experiences of this child, compiled for just over 6 years by the grandfather and turned into stories.

The president of the Volunteer Service, Noelia García de Pereyra, led the act carried out on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Month. When presenting the book, García de Pereyra said that the solidarity organization that he directs has been permanently dedicated to supporting social inclusion programs, in such a way that children, young people and adults in special conditions have been able to successfully integrate into a better life. quality, successfully entering the educational, financial and labor world. He highlighted that this work leaves a great message: “If we perceive others with the same love and consideration that we have for ourselves, regardless of ethnic origin, sex, nationality or religion, we will get closer and closer to that ideal of justice to which we all aspire, because the other is also you”.

Valuation of the work

The clinical psychologist and family therapist Luis Vergés, prologue of the book, highlighted that despite the fact that the author reveals that it is not his intention to publish a treatise on autism, the book contains a compendium on the different theories, etiology and treatment of autism. .

“The truth is that (the author) has achieved an attractive combination of anecdotal narrative with rigorous data, which could well serve as a platform to delve into the existential dynamics of a boy or girl with autism,” said Vergés.