The case of the sexually exploited minors in ‘narcopisos’ in Madrid is clarified

The largest case of sexual exploitation of girls in the Community of Madrid (Spain) is clarified. The television network La Sexta has had access to the police proceedings on the dismantled network the first week of the year. There are 10 research volumes that summarize the abuses experienced by the 10 rescued minors, some of them tutored in special centers in Madrid and Guadalajara under an open regime.

The testimony of the survivors indicates that they were raped in different ‘drug stores’ with which the criminal organization counted. According to the National Police, the young women came to these after being captured through social networks.

The ‘narcopisos’ in Spain are homes illegally occupied by heroin and crack traffickers, and set up as centers of sale to the public and consumption.

Later, the members of the gang hooked them to substances such as cocaine or crack to be used as traffickers. When their dependence on narcotics was too high, they were exploited sexually. Minors used to be offered to clients who were looking for drugs.

The text indicates that one of the girls, only 13 years old, was already sexually exploited by her father, with whom she used drugs and who also abused her. The minor came to the gang after being sold by her father in exchange for two bags of cocaine to ‘Kalifa’, one of the members of the criminal organization.

This 22-year-old young man took her to a ‘drug store’, where she was held and raped on different occasions. But the hardest moment was at the hands of another member of the group, known as ‘El Metralla’. This forced him to have sex with three adults at the same time while they filmed her.

For her part, another minor reported that she was forced to have sex for two and a half days. After managing to escape from the home where she was being held and notify the National Police from a tobacconist.

These are the revelations of a case that the National Police followed since April 2021. Precisely, the statement of the minor in the tobacconist served to initiate the records of homes and businesses in which the criminal organization operated.

The performance resulted in 37 arrests, including Saymol Fyly, a well-known YouTube rapper. Those arrested are accused of the crimes of sexual assault, “prostitution” of minors, possession of “child pornography”, illegal detention and crime against public health.

The Community of Madrid will appear as a private prosecution in the case, as announced by the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Its objective is “to provide all the necessary information and to collaborate fully with the Police to clarify any doubts.” For this reason, the Minister of Social Policies, Concepción Dancausa, will give explanations.

Initially, the Regional Government denied that the girls resided in juvenile centers. According to Ayuso, because the Government delegate in Madrid, Mercedes González, transferred it to the Minister of the Presidency, Enrique López.