The collection of poems Memories of Afghanistan is already in circulation

The third book of poems from Writer Jose Baez Guerrero, entitled “Memories of Afghanistan“, Is in circulation after a virtual presentation at the rock”The awakening”Held last December in Santo Domingo.

The work contains 41 poems and is prefaced by the Scottish philosopher and scientist Inigo Montoya, who thinks that “this new collection of poems that gives us Jose Baez Guerrero it is an invitation to cultivate thought ”.

The book, printed on Editor Owl for the publishing label Tuto Art, also includes a conclusion entitled “Coordinates and Locations”, with “five epilogical neo poems in prose with images and a translation of Whitman”. It has 106 pages and is available at Librería Cuesta.

The prologue states: “This new work by Jose Baez Guerrero shows us an author dazzled by all the possibilities of the word. His audacity to baptize these verses referring to a distant and unknown land, is perhaps a reminder of how all cultures have links affirmed by a certain essential human quality that speech, customs and traditions, philosophy and politics can barely disguise ” .


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“The solemn vocation of speech and writing in the fixation of culture -says Montoya- sometimes makes us forget one of its most useful and necessary forms: play, which we undertake as an end in itself only because it gives us pleasure. emotional, aesthetic and spiritual. Playing with letters and words… Words, too, like numbers in mathematical language, like thinking toys! ”.

“Memories of Afghanistan”Is divided into four sections or notebooks, entitled“ Explanations ”,“ Courtesies of Edo ”,“ Playful Empire ”and“ Logbook ”.

Other literary works by Báez Guerrero are his novel “Ceroles” (1996, of which Montoya is the protagonist), the stories “Siete Gotas de Arena” (2007), “Cartas de un Borrasho” (2013, with a foreword by José Mármol) and “The Cure of Desire” (2015).

Eladio Vigil, Manuel Borrel, Bernardo Pichardo Boyrie, José Luis de Ramón, José Rafael Lomba, Eddy de Peña, Vicente Tapounet Brugal attended the presentation, which the author indicated in person, was held privately due to the COVID-19 pandemic. and the prologue Montoya, members of the rock “The awakening”.